Data Driven Growth

We employ bespoke software tools to drive growth of your products on Amazon. We have invested significantly in these tools and continue to ensure that not only are they fit-for-purpose but that they are best-in-class to tell us exactly what is going on in your products' niche market. 

Some of these tools are connected directly in to Amazon's back-end through their partner resource API gateways. These are feeding a constant stream of live data from Amazon to our systems in order to give us the most up-to-date picture of the seller landscape. This tells us, not only about your products, but crucially about what your competitors are doing and how well they are doing it.

If we have made contact with you, we will have benchmarked your product line before we contact you and know how well you are doing on Amazon. If you are actively managing Amazon yourselves then we can help support this activity. If, as is often the case, you are not actively managing Amazon then we can do all of this for you at no additional cost to your business.

Contact Us

If you want to know what we can do for your business, why not drop us an email and we can arrange a convenient time to talk this through. Whether you have an established product line, a load of new products to launch or a mixture of these we can navigate Amazon for you and drive growth.